Optimistic Future of Mail

Did You Know: 3 in 10 businesses plan to spend more in the future on mail

If you are already “in the mail” then you know why you have budgeted marketing spend in the channel. If your marketing mix does not include mail, you may want to reconsider. The survey results are in – and it is a positive report.


The preliminary results from the United States Postal Service’s recently conducted “Future of the Mail” survey of 1,500 businesses signaled optimism about the future of mail. Among other findings, 69% of large business customers are already engaged in using the mail.

Three in ten businesses indicated they plan to spend more in the future on mail, not less; this number was even higher among large businesses. Across businesses of all sizes, the primary objectives for a business’ increase in direct mail are to acquire and/or retain customers.

The survey also helps identify key trends implicating mail use, such as the growing use of mobile with over 200 million smartphone users predicted by 2019.

A few mobile trends you should know:

  1. Adapt to mobile-first/mobile-only users now in order to continue to capture the millennial generation.
  2. Make full capabilities accessible to mobile users. This will be increasingly important for any online platform.
  3. Mobile payments will play an increasingly important role for consumers.

The future of mail is here. Are you up to date on these mobile trends?

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