Japan Strengthens Customs Inspection Procedures

Japan Post announced on March 30 that they will be strengthening their Customs inspection procedures of inbound mail as part of terrorism prevention measures. The tightened security measures are also in connection with the assembly of this year’s Ise-Shima G 7 Summit, and the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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As a result, Japan Post has asked Union member countries and their designated operators to conduct a thorough inspection of contents in all mail items. All items must be accompanied by all the required documents, without exception, and dangerous goods will be unacceptable.

Tips to ensure your shipment delivers in Japan:

  1. Always attach a Customs declaration form to postal items that contain goods – Form CN 22/CN 23, etc.
  2. Provide accurate & specific content descriptions for each good. For example, instead of writing “clothing”, customers should give a specific description such as “jacket”, “pants”, “t-shirts”, etc., and, instead of “gift”, a specific description such as “wine”, “doll”, and so on.
  3. Ensure mail item information is indicated correctly in English, French, or Japanese on the Customs declaration form (postal label):
    -Sender’s full name and address
    -Recipient’s full name and address
    -List each item in mail
    -Provide value, quantity, and weight of each item
    -Indicate the currency (USD, EUR, etc.)
    -Where required, attach any associated documents (such as invoice or receipt)

Any mail with inaccurate information or missing documentation could be subject to delays or may be treated as items not fulfilling the conditions laid down in the Convention (article 18.1.1), meaning that they cannot be delivered and must be sent back to the designated operator of origin in accordance with article RL 149.1 of the Letter Post Regulations.

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