Top 5 Key Postal Trends Revealed

Megan J. Brennan, Postmaster General and Chief Executive Officer of the Postal Service, announced efforts to lead an information and technology-driven reinvention of mail during her keynote speech at the 2016 National Postal Forum—the annual mailing industry trade show.


“The Postal Service is investing in our digital strategy, because there are limitless opportunities when we combine the power of mail with the ubiquity of mobile. We are committed to elevating the role of mail in American marketing and communications, and earning a bigger slice of the marketing pie.” – Megan Brennan

In her address, the Postmaster General identified strategic initiatives and investments to provide the mailing industry with greater digital capabilities.

“Our vision is not confined to what we can accomplish in the next year or two.  We have to continue to build and focus on the long-term rewards.”

Here are five key trends you need to know from this year’s National Postal Forum:

  1. Customer data management to enhance mail outreach to connect physical mail to digital experiences.
  2. Informed Visibility integrates piece and container processing scan data to manage mail and associated marketing efforts. The ongoing development of Informed Visibility as a “supercharged information platform…designed to transform mail.” The rich data and analytics the Postal Service now provides to commercial customers enable greater visibility associated with the “last mile” of delivery.
  3. Informed Delivery allows consumers to integrate mail into their daily digital routines. According to PMG Brennan, “Informed Delivery engages customers where they want to be – in a mobile and digital environment. It puts the power of mail onto digital channels.”
  4. Advanced personalization technology integrated with mail making it more targeted, relevant and better coordinate omni-channel marketing campaigns
  5. QR codes, Augmented Reality, or NFC technologies to seamlessly connect mail recipients to digital interaction. Click here to watch videos that explain the concepts.

“Informed Delivery creates an opportunity to bring your mail and packages onto the smartphones and devices of the American consumer. It gives every marketer the opportunity to attach a digital offer to mail pieces, and eventually packages. This is an incredibly powerful product for this industry.” -Megan Brennan

The National Postal Forum is an annual national gathering of the mailing industry’s most influential thought leaders, innovators and visionaries. The 2016 Forum was March 20-23, 2016 in Nashville, Tennessee, and featured four days of inspired addresses, instructional workshops and networking events designed to enable greater successes for the mailing industry and associated businesses.

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Wednesday luncheon keynote from Scott Hamilton, and Chassidy Willey, Access Worldwide Marketing Director

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