The Secret Weapon of Direct Mail

Even in a digital world, there’s something direct mail can do that you’ll never be able to accomplish digitally.


The Secret Weapon: Sense of Touch

We are all sensitive to touch, and it’s something we need every day as humans. Take advantage of this when it comes to your marketing and direct mail. You want to grab the attention of your customers and leave a lasting impression.

A few ways to incorporate the sense of touch into your direct mail:

  1. Don’t choose paper based on price. The cheapest option is not always the best option. Think about what is going to get that lasting impression with your customers. Something as simple as paper can make your direct mail stand out.
  2. Consider doing something fun and different like adding raised ink or engraving a part of your direct mail.
  3. Special folds or pop-ups are always fun to receive in the mail and are great additions to your direct mail piece if possible.

The goal is to provide your customers an experience they can’t get digitally. Think outside the box and consider the sense of touch when creating a strategy behind your direct mail pieces. Create an experience your customers will share with everyone they know.

Have you used the power of touch when it comes to your direct mail?

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