Psychology of Direct Mail

Before you begin thinking through the strategy of your direct mail, it’s important to take the time to understand your audience. Understanding the psychology of people when it comes to your direct mail can help you when creating a plan. What works for people? What causes a consumer to convert from a piece of direct mail?


Different strategies appeal to consumers, many times subconsciously. Figure out what you want the customer to do. Is there an action they should be taking? Is there a goal you want them to complete? Once you know what you want your customer to do with the direct mail piece, use the psychological tricks below to design.

Use these psychological tricks when it comes to your strategy:

  • If it’s unusual, it’s easy to remember. How can you make your direct mail outside of the box?
  • People remember rhymes easily
  • Create a feeling of opportunity for the customer
  • Always leave consumers with a limited number of options and actions – keep it simple!
  • Patterns are eye pleasing and create happiness and contentment

Understanding the psychology behind your direct mail will help you achieve the actions you want out of your customers.

Have you tried any of the above psychological tricks? We’d love to hear about it!

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