Best Global Shipping Secrets Revealed

When it comes to shipping, how do you know you’re getting the best deal and providing the best deals for your customers?

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Reports continue to show that the largest area of eCommerce growth is overseas. Is it time to go global with your business? Expanding your business globally can be huge for your revenue and sales, but it’s important to do your homework first.

When it’s time to go global with your business, understand these few shipping secrets:

  1. You can’t legally ship everything overseas. You should understand what items are restricted from certain countries (find a list of restrictions from our friends at USPS here).
  2. Start small. Just a few countries at a time is all you need to go global. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself (or your customers). This allows you to slowly understand the international shipping process.
  3. Make customs forms easy to complete. This is especially important for your customers. The more difficult it becomes, the more you may lose out on business.
  4. Share all costs in advance. Don’t surprise your customers when it comes to the cost of shipping internationally. We can help you prepare as best as possible in order to provide the most information up front for your customers.
  5. Reduce shipping costs when possible (and it’s possible!). We can help you experiment with different ways to reduce those costs while also saving your business money.

Once you’re ready to get started, let us know! Our process makes it simple and easy to start shipping globally. Your international customers are waiting.