7 Ways To Ensure Your Mailroom Is Efficient

It’s critical to ensure your business is managing costs and working as efficiently as possible, in every area. Because sending and processing mail can be an ongoing expense, it’s important to review the effectiveness of your mailroom operations, so you can stay focused on more important components of your business. How Efficient Are Your Mailroom Operations

Many processes can be streamlined for efficiency – but how efficient are your mailroom operations?

Let’s take a closer look at your current mailing activities:

1. Where do you send your business mail?  Whether you’re sending your mail internationally, domestically within the U.S., or both, it’s important for you to keep track of where your mail is being delivered. If you don’t already have reporting tools put into place, you should consider adding this into your process. You’ll feel more confident when selecting your mail services in the future.

2. How often do you send your mail?  To optimize your mail process, it’s crucial you understand how much time is actually spent processing mail. Do you send it out weekly, monthly, or annually? Is it scheduled regularly or does it depend on outside factors? How much time is spent filling out paperwork? You may find that there’s opportunity to better prepare your future mailings.   

3. How much mail are you processing?  Not just how many pieces, but how much weight are you sending? Often overlooked, your mail could meet weight requirements that qualify you for quicker mail delivery and major postage savings – even if you don’t think you send enough.

4. How do you know when, or if your mail’s been processed?  Investing in industry-leading tracking tools and software solutions can help you monitor your mail from start to finish. You should be able to validate the receipt of each piece of inbound and outbound mail, and receive automatic notifications. There are options to have full-visibility in your mailing process.

5. Have you identified the best way to send your business mail?  It’s important to utilize mail services to your advantage. Otherwise, you might be missing out on mail service upgrades and spending way too much on postage. For international mail, independent transit testing is a beneficial service that provides real-time feedback on delivery times and the condition of your mail pieces. Be sure to optimize your mailing services for the most efficient, cost-effective delivery.

6. Do you presort your mail?  If you don’t, there’s a good chance you could be missing out on presorting programs that will qualify your mailings for the highest level of postage discounts available worldwide. Plus, your mail typically enters the mail stream much quicker, which means more timely deliveries.

7. Do you utilize automated systems?  As you plan ahead, think about the savings and benefits of implementing technology into your mailroom processes. With today’s technology, you’re able to not only make an employee’s job easier, but you could maximize efficiency by promoting employees to more significant roles within your business.

Based on your business’ needs and experience, where can you manage costs more effectively? Keep in mind it doesn’t always mean you have to reduce your workforce. In reality, utilizing the right resources will maximize workflow and employee efficiency.

After this simple review of your processes, you may want to consider whether outsourcing your mailroom operations is the next best move for your business. 

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