The 4 Stages of Fulfillment Growth

Fulfillment can be challenging for many eCommerce companies, especially as the business grows. There are many things to consider, such as where your product ships to and from, your average order value and customs or duties. On top of that, everyone’s approach is going to be different.

Most eCommerce companies go through 4 stages of shipping and fulfillment growth:

  • Launch
  • Consistency
  • Growth
  • Scaling

In the Launch Phase, you are receiving the occasional order sporadically, but seeing zero consistency.

When you get to the Consistency Phase, you will start seeing more consistent orders, but still on a limited basis. This probably looks like a few orders per day or up to about 20+ orders per week. In this phase you start to see some predictability.

By the time you reach the Growth Phase, orders have picked up and fulfillment takes a large amount of time to manage. You are seeing a growing volume of orders. Shipping begins to feel chaotic, and you start to realize you need a service to streamline your operations.

In the Scaling, or Infrastructure, Phase, you are seeing a high volume of orders. By this phase, you need to work with 3rd party fulfillment warehouse to manage shipping.

What stage does your business currently fall under? As your company continues to grow, it will be important to look ahead and understand what phase your business is heading towards. The time to prepare is before you land in that phase.

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