7 Tips to Strengthen Your Shipping Strategy this Holiday Season

The holiday season is well underway, and by now you should have confidence that the logistics behind your shipping is stronger than ever. Delivery of the perfect and satisfactory product to the customer on-time could be a big challenge for eCommerce companies. Having a strong strategy can set you apart from competitors and put you in a position to win this holiday season.

7 Tips to Strengthen Your Shipping Strategy

Logistics are an integral part of your company. Increase overall customer experience during the holiday season by improving your company’s shipping logistics with these 7 tips:

  1. Be transparent about shipping prices – Transparency will strengthen your customer’s trust. Provide realistic delivery expectations so they know exactly what they’re getting before ordering. Shipping prices should be clearly defined on your eCommerce site.
  2. Provide multiple options for your customers – Give your customers a variety of options when it comes to shipping and allow them to decide what best fits their needs. More options could lead to more sales and profit, especially around this holiday season.
  3. Use updated & advanced tools – Select the tools that best fit your needs, but be sure your tools are updated and actually help improve your process. Automating your process will free up time for more important tasks.
  4. Product Tracking – Similar to having advanced tools, make sure you’re providing quality tracking. Customers value the option to easily check on their packages during the holiday season (especially when it’s down to the wire!)
  5. Update your company policies and terms – The holidays are a prime time for online shoppers to view these documents, especially should any discrepancies with shipments come up. Make any necessary changes to your policies and terms.
  6. Convenient return policy for customers – A return policy is one of the most important things you can do to enhance customer satisfaction and customer experience. Ensure yours is favorable for your customer.
  7. Choose the best shipping partner – Partnering with the right shipping provider can help you
    • Expand your global reach
    • Gain access to optimal postage rates
    • Decrease workload because you have a team of shipping experts to help you whenever you need it

Most shipping providers can deliver packages on time, but it’s important to choose a partner who compliments your business needs and brings value to you. After all, if you’re not confident in your shipping provider, how will your customers be confident in you when they make their purchase?

If you haven’t found a shipping partner you can trust, we’d love to talk!

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