Canada Post Negotiations – Update

Canada Post Strike Update 2018

Update on International Mail Destined for Canada

Mediation talks continue:

  • Canada Post and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) are continuing talks with the assistance of federal mediators.
  • A 21-day “cooling off period” is now in effect ending Wednesday, September 26th.

Strike approved by Canadian Union of Postal Workers:

  • The CUPW voted in favor of a strike which will begin on Wednesday, September 26th if negotiations are unsuccessful.
  • This dispute stems from how postal workers are paid. Urban workers are paid hourly; however, rural workers are paid by the size of their route meaning a lower hourly wage.  The original deadline for a new agreement was August 2018.

We will provide regular updates on their progress so that you can make the necessary decisions for your business and your customers.

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