Reduce Your International Shipping Costs

Cross-border e-Commerce is expanding worldwide and the most popular way of engaging in cross-border trade in the US is through marketplaces such as eBay.


A recent survey conducted by eBay Enterprise revealed that international online shoppers that buy more expensive, luxurious products already expect to pay higher shipping costs and wait longer for delivery. Although just like shoppers from the US, cross-border shoppers want a variety of options when it comes to services, price points, and delivery speeds.

Take a look at one of our eBay sellers who ships 100-200 items per day to Canada and over 100 countries globally to see how they were able to offer affordable delivery.



  • Reduce international shipping costs
  • Maintain competitive transit times
  • Postback carrier tracking numbers to marketplace
  • Streamline order management process
  • Reduce complicated customs paperwork
  • Integrate with existing IT environment


  • International Expedited Service – A cost-effective solution with an average global transit time of 6-10 business days
  • Daily pickups at shipping dock
  • Dedicated tracking website for all customer inquiries
  • Simplified billing
  • Customized pricing structure


  • Reliable & competitive service
  • Utilized work-share partnership with USPS
  • International shipping costs were reduced by 40%
  • Competitive transit times were maintained
  • Eliminated 10-20 processing hours per week

If an online seller makes the investment and provides consumers with a range of options and premium service they’ll have the opportunity to up-sell affordable and fast delivery services without turning away cross-border shoppers.