Your Delivery Options Play a Crucial Role

Did you know that consumers will abandon an online purchase if the delivery option they want is not available?


In a recent study carried out by Research Now on behalf of MetaPack, 3,000 people were surveyed across the US, UK, Spain, France, Germany and the Netherlands focusing on the role that delivery plays in influencing which retailer a customer will choose to shop with.

The result?

Customers want options. They want the option to personalize their delivery service to meet that needs of the item(s) they are buying at that time, which means the option they want may change from time to time. However, low cost is always a priority for most of those surveyed. One-third also needs to be able to trust you to deliver their item(s) before purchasing.

Whether it takes too long for the order to be fulfilled or the delivery date could not be guaranteed, over half of all shoppers will not complete their order due to these poor delivery options.

  • 86% of shoppers want a fast delivery.
  • 83% expect a guaranteed delivery date.
  • 80% expect a dedicated delivery time slot.

What about your return policy? Over 75% of your online shoppers are checking out your return policy before purchasing, and if it doesn’t seem easy or convenient, they won’t place the order.


Your customers want to be able to track their shipment, with most checking via mobile. Knowing what is happening to their order is important to over 90% of those surveyed. You should be offering an easy tracking system, with clear expectations on when the tracking is updated.

What delivery options are you offering your customers?

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