Going from the Order to a Relationship with your Customers

How do you turn a one-time customer into a lifetime customer?

The simple answer: Create a relationship with them.


Once you score that sale from a new customer, your goal should be to turn them into a lifetime customer for your business. Make an effort to create a relationship with all customers, but particularly those that have made a few purchases.

A recent eCommerce Buyer Behavior Report from RJ Metrics took a look at over 150 e-retailers and their customers. The report found that the majority of a customer’s spending with your business happens in the first 30 days, meaning they are not lifetime customers. 32.4% of the customers surveyed made a second purchase, and only 17.2% made a third. What’s worse is only 5.8% made at least six purchases with a company.

However, the survey also found that when a customer makes that second purchase, the likelihood of them making a third is more than 50%. Obtaining that second buy is key.

Take a look through your customer data and you’ll be able to find which ones are more “valuable” than others. Who has made two or more purchases with you? Do you have a relationship with them? The way you talk to your customers should be different depending on how many purchases they have made with you. Why not encourage that second buy within the first month of a customer’s purchase? If they do make that second purchase, you’ve likely got a customer for life.

Securing the second buy is key. Turn your one-time customers into valuable customers for your business.