5 Direct Mail Trends You Need To Know

There is one thing we can all agree on right now: Direct mail is not going anywhere.

The merge of technology has only changed the way we view direct mail, not killed it. Consumers have become smarter with shorter attention spans. Marketers have to use that to their advantage.


Here are 5 trends in direct mail right now:

  1. Personalized mail. Long gone is the generic direct mail piece. Consumers expect you to know them and understand them when sending mail. Offers should be based on who they are and their current relationship with your company. Take the time to get to know your customers before you send any direct mail pieces.
  2. Enhanced database. In order to get to know your customers better, you need an enhanced database. What kind of information are you keeping? The more you know, the better you’ll be able to target and personalize. Set up customer profiles and keep up with their growing relationship with you.
  3. Integration with other channels. You should not be sending one piece of direct mail in hopes you get the sale (or whatever your call to action might be). Direct mail should be part of a greater campaign. This could involve multiple direct mail pieces, email, online targeting, etc. There are many ways to reach a customer and the more they see your message, they more likely they will be to respond.
  4. Engagement. What kind of impression are you leaving with your customers when it comes to your direct mail? Think of new ways you can engage them through your piece of mail. Attention spans are short and consumers are receiving a lot of messages per day. Use an engaging piece of content to ensure yours stands out.
  5. Multiple responsive devices. Think about your call to action for a moment. How many different ways can a consumer complete that call to action? Offering multiple devices and ways for a consumer to get in touch with you is a great way to ensure a response. They can select the option they feel most comfortable with.

If you aren’t already using one of the above, it’s time to get started. Direct mail should be fun and creative! Use it as a way to grab your customer’s attention while promoting your product or service.

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