5 Tips to Use When Marketing to Millennials

Is your business currently catering to the Millennial Generation?

Many marketers have turned their attention to millennials. Millennials are those born between 1982 and 1994 and are quickly taking over as consumers. J.D. Power recently released an in-depth study about millennials after surveying more than 600,000 consumers.


Here are a few things you need to know when marketing to millennials:

  1. Customer service is critical to millennials. Earn their trust and loyalty through good, quality customer service.
  2. They are less concerned about privacy than other generations. Millennials are more willing to give you information, especially online.
  3. Millennials are optimistic, especially when it comes to the economy.
  4. Purchases are made based on value for money.
  5. Millennials are generally more satisfied customers. As long as you provide them with that quality customer service.

“Our studies indicate that Millennials are different from previous generations; however, it’s really the nuances of the customer experience that set them apart from the rest.” -Keith Webster, J.D. Power

Millennials are concerned about their experience with your company. They want quality service and a great experience. So how does this translate to direct mail? Finding a way to create an experience with direct mail will be critical when marketing to this generation.

Earn the trust of the millennial generation through the way you market with direct mail. In a digital world, you can still catch this generation’s attention in a creative way. Show them your loyalty and gain their trust. Give them something of value and create that element of surprise – make sure they aren’t receiving just another piece of mail.

Understanding the survey results above may help you when making marketing decisions if millennials are a target market for you. Keep these in mind with your direct mail strategy, as that’s still an avenue we can reach this generation with.