Writing Your Customer Success Story

How do I know I’ve made the right decision? Will this be worth it?

It’s inevitable to second-guess big purchases, especially ones that required a decision between multiple highly rated products. Of course, good reviews can convince you to take the plunge on a product you were second guessing, meanwhile, a single bad review can make you walk away.

The same is true for your customers – when marketing your product or service, customer success stories are “proof” that you are worth it, and they are one of the most powerful tools available to you.

In fact, research, including this study by Bright Local, has found that buyers give equal weight to online reviews and personal recommendations.

Orbit Media Studios, a leading marketing blog, suggests including these five critical parts in a customer success story.

  1. Headline – you’ll want to include your brand name, your most compelling benefit, and a data point.
  2. Highlights – we live in a world where for some people, “TLDR” is an acceptable way to end an email. Satisfy your skimmers with a brief synopsis of your company story.
  3. Profile – what are you all about? where are you located? what services do you provide, and where? Give your customers a sense of your business’s identity.
  4. Challenge – what challenges are you trying to address with your good or service?
  5. Solution – finally, how exactly do you solve this challenge, and how can the customer purchase this solution?

In writing your customer success story, don’t focus on data or reporting – rather, make sure to center your story around your customer’s positive experience.