How to Integrate Social Media and Direct Mail Marketing

77% of the US population has a social media profile – how can you integrate different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram into your traditional direct mail campaign?

Through social media marketing, it is easy for companies to target specific populations when they are most likely to buy a product or service. Facebook, in particular, is an extremely powerful marketing tool, making it tempting to wholly rely on the platform for advertising. However, many do not realize you can harness Facebook’s power to create targeted direct mail campaigns, and reap the best of both advertising strategies.

Here are a few ways to use Facebook with your Direct Mail Campaign:

  1. Follow up with Direct Mail after a user engages with a Facebook Ad. When a user clicks on a targetted Facebook ad, you can assume they have some interest in your company – use this opportunity to ask for a physical address. After getting this information, follow up with a physical postcard, brochure, or promotional item to maintain interest and encourage contact.
  2. Test it out online. Facebook ads are appealing not only because of their ability to reach a target demographic but because they are a low-cost advertising option. Before investing in a direct mail campaign, test out several ideas online and pick the design that performs best. However, if you go this route, keep in mind some design elements will work better on screen than off.
  3.  Geotargeting. In addition to trying out different designs, you can use data from Facebook ads to determine where your direct mail campaign is most likely to succeed. Try different Facebook ad campaigns in different zip code locations you’d like to target and follow up with a direct mail campaign in the areas where your ads received the most attention.

Direct mail has been shown to elicit a more emotional response and makes your brand more memorable, but social media analytics make it easy for you to reach your target population. While it is important for a business to build a social media following, using social media in conjunction with more traditional direct mail campaigns can yield greater success.

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