April 30, COVID-19 Update

Access Worldwide has contingency plans in place to handle these country suspensions. Any suspended countries will be diverted to a special hold area and kept by country and by day. Once the suspensions are lifted we will enter the mail at that time. Access Worldwide will continue to receive and hold all mail until such time when we are able to send it.  We are set up to handle this country by country, so that we can release each country’s mail as soon as they are able to accept it. 

The following countries have suspended certain mail services:

British Virgin Islands: BVI Post has advised that the Government of the Virgin Islands has suspended all inbound and outbound letter-post, parcel-post and Express Mail Service (EMS) items until further notice. As a result of this suspension, BVI Post is declaring a situation of force majeure.

Honduras UPDATE: Empresa de Correos de Honduras (Honducor) has advised that they are extending the suspension of mail services until May 3, 2020, or a later date to be communicated in due course.

Kuwait UPDATE: Kuwait Postal Sector has extended the suspension of all inbound and outbound letter-post, parcel-post and Express Mail Service (EMS) items until June 1, 2020. Therefore, the previously declared force majeure is extended until June 1, 2020.

Unless otherwise noted, service suspensions to a particular country do not affect delivery of military and diplomatic mail.

The following country has announced service disruptions:

Italy UPDATE: Poste Italiane has advised that the Italian Government has extended the measures aimed at minimizing the spread of COVID-19 until further notice. This includes the suspension of signature service and service standards; limitations on the size and weight of parcels; and changes to the number of delivery attempts that will be made before a package is returned to sender.

Poland UPDATE: Poczta Polska has advised that effective April 21, 2020 and until further notice, new procedures will be used for registered items and items that require a signature on delivery. Registered items that do not require proof of delivery will be placed in the recipient’s mailbox. If the mailer refuses to sign for the items that would normally require a signature, the mail carrier will record the last four digits from the ID document, as well as the type of ID and the exact name of the receiver. The force majeure that was previously announced is still effective and mailers should continue to expect delays.


On April 27, 2020, a second sea transport departed with volume from the Chicago, JFK, and Miami International Service Centers and is estimated to arrive at the Rotterdam (Netherlands) port on May 15, 2020. Sea route arrival dates are not exact and may vary depending on weather related events and queuing at port of arrival.
It is serving mail destined to:

· Austria
· Denmark
· Hungary
· Poland
· Sweden
· Czech Republic
· Finland
· Netherlands
· Spain
· Switzerland (Geneva and Zurich)

Alternate transit options will remain in effect until sufficient air transportation capacity becomes available.

Following is the complete list of temporarily suspended countries (effective on April 24, 2020):

  1.   Algeria
  2.     Angola  
  3.     Antigua & Barbuda  
  4.     Argentina
  5.     Aruba
  6.     Azerbaijan  
  7.     Bahamas
  8.     Bahrain
  9.     Bangladesh
  10.     Barbados
  11.     Belize
  12.     Benin    
  13.     Bermuda                           
  14.     Bolivia
  15.     Bosnia and Herzegovina                
  16.     Botswana  
  17.     Burkina Faso                             
  18.     Burundi              
  19.     Cameroon                       
  20.     Cape Verde                     
  21.     Cayman Islands              
  22.     Chad
  23.     Chile
  24.     Colombia                  
  25.     Congo, Democratic Republic of the             
  26.     Congo, Republic of the                  
  27.     Cook Islands                   
  28.     Costa Rica                       
  29.     Cuba                  
  30.     Curacao
  31.     Dominican Republic             
  32.     Ecuador
  33.     Egypt
  34.     Estonia
  35.     Ethiopia
  36.     Faroe Island         
  37.     Fiji                     
  38.     French Polynesia             
  39.     Gambia
  40.     Ghana
  41.     Grenada
  42.     Guatemala                       
  43.     Guinea Bissau                 
  44.     Guyana    
  45.     Haiti      
  46.     Honduras                        
  47.     India
  48.     Iraq
  49.     Israel
  50.     Jamaica  
  51.     Kazakhstan
  52.     Kenya                
  53.     Kiribati              
  54.     Kuwait              
  55.     Kyrgyzstan                      
  56.     Laos                  
  57.     Lebanon                          
  58.     Lesotho
  59.     Liberia         
  60.     Libya                 
  61.     Madagascar                   
  62.     Malawi              
  63.     Maldives
  64.     Mauritania                          
  65.     Mauritius                        
  66.     Moldova            
  67.     Mongolia
  68.     Montenegro
  69.     Morocco
  70.     Mozambique 
  71.     Namibia              
  72.     Nepal                 
  73.     New Caledonia
  74.     Nicaragua
  75.     Nigeria                
  76.     Oman
  77.     Pakistan              
  78.     Panama             
  79.     Papua New Guinea                        
  80.     Paraguay                        
  81.     Peru        
  82.     Philippines
  83.     Qatar           
  84.     Rwanda             
  85.     Samoa              
  86.     Saudi Arabia                   
  87.     Senegal             
  88.     Seychelles
  89.     Sierra Leone         
  90.     Solomon Islands             
  91.     South Africa                     
  92.     South Sudan                   
  93.     Sri Lanka
  94.     St. Marten
  95.     Suriname                        
  96.     Sudan                
  97.     Swaziland (Eswtini)                      
  98.     Tajikistan                        
  99.     Tanzania                        
  100.     Timor-Leste                   
  101.     Tonga
  102.     Trinidad & Tobago
  103.     Tunisia
  104.     Turks & Caicos    
  105.     UAE                   
  106.     Uganda              
  107.     Uruguay             
  108.     Vanuatu             
  109.     Venezuela                        
  110.     Yemen                
  111.     Zambia     
  112.     Zimbabwe

As always, we are available to discuss at your convenience. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about these new developments. 

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