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How Betabrand built a best-in-class experience for global customers

San Francisco, CA
Intersection of fashion, fun and unique

Betabrand is an online clothing community, based in San Francisco. Betabrand designs, manufactures, and releases new products nonstop. Brand-new ideas spring to life on their site every day. Fans co-design and crowdfund them into existence in a matter of weeks.

Betabrand is home to hits like Dress Pant Yoga Pants, Executive Hoodies, Bike-to-Workwear, Black Sheep Sweaters, and many more. They also have the funniest newsletter in the business.

How Passport Helped

Prior to engaging with Passport, Betabrand was shipping globally but drowning in a sea of customer support issues. Betabrand prides itself on providing a best-in-class experience and they felt like servicing their international audience was hopeless.

Passport helped Betabrand identify a few opportunities for improvement:

  • Resolving customer shipping questions much more quickly
  • Removing tracking inconsistencies
  • Delivering an on-brand post purchase experience

Passport has become the first line of defense for international shipping questions, lowering Betabrand’s cost to service customers

The Passport Solution

Passport’s solution for Betabrand centered on the branded tracking experience.

  • High-touch support,where consumers want it: Every tracking page has a help button, enabling Passport to intercept shipping questions, saving $2 or more for every ticket.
  • No more dead tracking numbers: Enough said
  • Last-mile delivery information: Australia Post does the delivery for most parcels in Australia. Share the Australia Post tracking number and contact information, and self- service goes up.
  • Proactive notifications: Passport proactively notifies customers about shipping exceptions and door-tags, lowering the instance of return-to-sender shipments by 75%.

Backed by a best-in-class shipping experience, Betabrand is investing deeply in growing their global sales.

I love knowing that Passport is keeping an eye on our packages and cares about their delivery as much as we do.
Jim Wilson
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