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Delivering A Great Global Experience

Ruby Has and Passport built a unified international experience for clients

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Ruby Has is a full-service fulfillment provider partnering closely with its brands across six locations, including one in Canada. These warehouse locations, as well as their cutting-edge technology, allow you to ship faster and reduce freight costs by up to 45%. Music to our ears is that they have a 99.97% on-time shipping rate. A member of the Inc. 5000 for 2016, 2017 and 2018, Ruby Has is showing no signs of slowing down.

How Passport Helped

Ruby Has serves over 200 clients, many of which are fast-growing Direct to Consumer (DTC) brands. DTC brands live-and-die by the experience that they offer to their consumers. Ruby Has is a perfect fulfillment partner for these types of retailers because of its great technology and top-notch pick-and-pack operation.

Yet brands that earn a great Net Promoter Score (NPS) from U.S. customers often find that international customer experience lags. In its quest to level-up this part of the stack, Ruby Has engaged Passport to build an end-to-end landed cost solution.

When you do everything right, but customs causes an issue, a 3PL gets the blame. Passport innovated on its landed cost solution for Ruby Has, enabling its brands to have a unified, end-to-end experience, across both Priority and Express shipments.

Passport’s end-to-end landed cost solution helps Ruby Has clients deliver a great experience to their international fans

One Great Experience

In general, when orders land above $30, you’ll start to see customs delays take place on shipments sent “DDU”, or duties unpaid. Many of Ruby Has’ clients, like Koio, an Italian leather shoe company, have items priced from $20 - $300.

Not only did Koio want to take advantage of Passport’s great rates for IPA, ePacket, and DDP shipments, but they also wanted to layer the Passport experience on top of their DHL Express rates. When someone is buying $300 shoes, they don’t mind spending an incremental $50 to get them quickly. But a fast shipment without the right landed costs can create an expensive headache.

Passport’s end-to-end landed cost solution helps Ruby Has clients deliver a great experience to their international fans.

  1. In-cart calculator: The first step is getting the landed costs right. Passport helps Ruby Has’ clients figure out the right Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) codes, so that they know what customs charges to expect. We also serve as strategic partners, helping retailers test the impacts of “discounting” the true cost of shipping, in order to increase conversion.
  2. DDP postage and logistics: Passport manages the logistics from Ruby Has facilities to the customer’s door. Ruby Has, its retailers and their customers can track shipments from pickup, through customs, all the way to the recipient’s door.
  3. Branded post-purchase experience: Every Ruby Has client receives a custom-branded tracking page from Passport. This improves the post-purchase experience, and allows for considerable remarketing opportunities
  4. High-touch customer support: Passport’s bread-and-butter is high-touch customer support. The hub of this is through the tracking page, on which there is a “Contact Us” button, which is handled directly by Passport’s Customer Experience team. But beyond that, Passport has private Slack integrations with both Ruby Has and its clients, to support them in the background. Additionally, Passport sends proactive notifications to consumer for exceptions like delays, door tags and more.

Fully landed cost calculator displays duties and taxes at checkout

Ultimately, the Passport solution has created meaningful benefits for Ruby Has and its clients

No more customs issues

  • Saves significant money on“refusals”, which are returned to sender
  • Increases brand NPS since there are no more surprise fees for customers

Decreased total cost of shipping

  • By removing customer support headaches (at $2+/ticket) and offering a low postage rate
  • DDP calculators can range from 2-5% of a client’s GMV. More if you use one of the major internationalization companies.

Improved cross-border experience love for Ruby Has

  • Chris Wichert (Co-founder, Koio): “Passport built us a custom Shopify app during the holiday rush, and helped us improve the experience for our international fans.”

For Ruby Has, Passport functions the same as any other listed carrier. We’re integrated into their TMS; their clients can create the logic for all DDP shipments to get our label; and we pick up parcels daily. There is no integration work needed.

Within 3 months of launching, Ruby Has proactively introduced Passport to existing clients, and has trained their team in how to offer the Passport solution to their entire customer base.

Passport Impact

  • Reduced customer support costs: Passport saves Ruby Has clients, such as Koio and Unbound, $3 or more on every support ticket they handle
  • Landed cost solution: Ruby Has can offer its clients an end-to-end landed cost solution, inclusive of in-cart calculator, high-touch customer service, and great logistics and customs clearance
  • Unified experience for express and priority shipments: Clients that prefer to split shipments between Passport and DHL Express can have a unified experience
Our clients - leading brands - have an extremely high bar for customer experience. Passport's solution provides a global experience on par with their domestic one.
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