International Solutions

World-class shipping, compliance, and growth services

Choose from select Passport Shipping services or bundle them together with Passport Global, an easier all-in-one internationalization and shipping solution.

Passport Shipping

We offer a menu of shipping and compliance services. With a reliable in-house global network of first through last-mile carriers, you can pick the parcel delivery and clearance methods that work best for your business.

Passport Global

Need a global growth easy-button? Passport Global is your turnkey internationalization solution that combines reliable shipping services with added local storefront strategies and a full suite of end-to-end compliance and growth support that will have you profitably growing in no time.

Landed Cost Calculations

We offer flexible options for collecting duties & taxes with your transactions. Passport provides accurate, fully landed duty & tax cost calculations that can be included in your product price or calculated real-time in cart.

Seller of Record Model

Take a smart, flexible approach to compliance with Passport Seller of Record. Through our model, we manage tax collection, reporting, and remittance, while you maintain control of your storefront and cash flow — for fast clearance and direct payments.

Branded Tracking Pages

Maintaining control of your global brand is critical. Passport makes it easy for you to customize tracking pages with your logo, colors, and brand identity. For reliable door-to-door tracking that reflects your company, not ours.


What global shipping options does Passport offer?

Passport allows you to choose between Economy (5-10 business days), Priority (4-8 business days), Expedited (2-5 business days), and in some geographies, Express (1-3 business days). Cost and tracking varies by method.

Does Passport provide DDU and DDP options?

Yes, Passport offers Delivered Duties Unpaid and Delivered Duties Paid methods. Priority DDP is recommended for most medium-value products, while Priority DDU may be better for lower-value products.

What is the difference between Passport Shipping and Passport Global?

Passport Shipping is our menu of in-house logistics services including global shipping, branded tracking pages, a limited scope of compliance services, and optional incremental services like landed duty & tax calculations and Passport Seller of Record.

Passport Global is our bundled internationalization solution that includes all Passport Shipping services, plus additional localization, growth advisory, and a full suite of compliance services for complete end-to-end support.

Does Passport provide door-to-door tracking?

Yes, because we’re directly integrated with our carriers, Passport is able to share real-time tracking data with you and your customers. You can also easily customize your tracking pages on our portal, allowing your buyers to view tracking on pages that look and feel like your brand.

Does Passport provide compliance services?

Yes, all our customers benefit from access to our Global Trade team of compliance experts who can provide customs and trade, product, and fiscal and tax compliance support. For more information on our compliance services, click here.

What is Passport’s Seller of Record Program?

Passport’s Seller of Record (SOR) solution is designed to give brands a simpler way to handle VAT/GST compliance with a quick and seamless enrollment process. Under the SOR program, companies will use Passport’s tax IDs to clear shipments, avoiding complex registrations and filings. As a merchant, you’ll simply collect VAT/GST at checkout, and Passport will manage the rest, including tax returns with the proper authorities and even monitoring sales thresholds that apply to certain countries.

Passport currently offers SOR solutions in the following markets:

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